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What is the For Youth, For Life Learning Network?

The For Youth, For Life Learning Network is a community and network of learners interested in a variety of topics related to science, health, living responsibly, and service to others. This network was initiated in 2007 and learning resources are provided by a core team of members that includes university faculty, 4-H staff, and others who provide learning resources and materials. Youth and adults can explore and learn together. Learners can explore ways to share their own experiences with others around their county or state and even around the country and world.

The network and its various online resources are intended to help users explore many subject or content areas as it grows. Agriculture in the 21st Century is one area. Water and Energy are two others. Watch for more on Geospatial Technology, Climate Science, the Environment and Biotechnology as the site grows. Other topics will be Animals, Plants, Insects, Earth & Space, Robotics, and Rocketry. The topics are endless.

The nature of learning has changed dramatically in recent years due largely to advances in information technologies making the description above very realistic! In fact, it’s happening already! In this time of rapid development in how communications technology increasingly enhances and provides on demand learning for the youth audience, a critical opportunity presents itself that prompts institutions of learning to consider new and innovative ways to engage young learners in effective learning environments. This is what the For Youth, For Life Learning Network is about.

The For Youth, For Life Learning Network strives to generate significant youth orientated content in a variety of subject areas for the knowledge base of It is also involved in exploring other ways to engage youth with technology through online learning environments and recognizing learning achievements in a digital form (digital badges). Learning communities or "hubs" of learning around high interest topics will also be a feature of FYFLnet. We hope users enjoy exploring the FYFLnet as it continues to grow and evolve as a center of learning.

Welcome to this growing community of learners!

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