Disaster Preparation for People with Alzheimer's Disease

Agricultural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Family Caregiving September 23, 2015 Print Friendly and PDF

In a disaster, you may become separated from the person for whom you provide care. Be prepared for this possibility by

  • writing a detailed description of the care receiver's needs -¬†including tips for helping them to become or remain calm in times of stress or excitement
  • make copies of this list and distribute it to members of the support team
  • place a copy of this list with your other disaster supplies, especially things you plan to take in the event of an evacuation.

The Alzheimer's Association has a program called Safe Return that can help if you are separated from your loved one in an emergency. Safe Return stores vital information about you and the person you care for that can be requested to help reunite you. The Association also provides Safe Return alert jewelry that allows first responders to identify individuals. There is a small enrollment fee and an annual fee for this service.

For more information, contact the Alzheimer's Association: www.alz.org. There you will find information on Safe Return in addition to many fact sheets related to coping with Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency website - of particular note, this website has a section specifically aimed at helping you tailor a disaster plan for your needs.

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