Medical Supply Checklist

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Disability-Related Supplies and Special Equipment

Check the items you use, describe them and note where they're located.


____Eating utensils:

____Grooming utensils:

____Dressing devices:

____Writing devices:

____Hearing device:


  • Flow rate:

____Suction equipment:

____Dialysis equipment:

____Sanitary supplies:

____Urinary supplies:

____Ostomy supplies:


  • Wheelchair repair kit:
  • Motorized:
  • Manual:







Service Animal and Pet Supplies


____Extra water:



____Identification tags:


____Vaccinations and medical records:

Have a Plan

Although planning for a disaster can be frightening, having a plan in place can help you and the person you care for feel more secure.

For more information, download the American Red Cross's Be Red Cross Ready factsheet:

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