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Two men planting a balled and burlapped tree
Planting a balled and burlapped shrub. (Photo credit: SULIS

Planting trees and shrubs correctly will help ensure your plantings will be enjoyed for years to come.



Planting reference guides

Print and use the following reference guides by the National Arbor Day Foundation as quick references to use while planting:

The following brochure includes planting illustrations and details about the pitfalls you'll want to avoid by planting properly:


Transplanting woody plants involves digging up the desired plant from its original location and then planting it in a new location. Woody plants generally develop root systems that are more extensive or harder to remove intact during transplanting than other plants such as herbaceous perennials or annuals. For this reason, transplanting woody plants is a less common garden practice among homeowners but still useful when necessary. When a woody plant does need to be moved from the place it was originally planted, the following articles discuss the best ways how.



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