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livestock and poultry environmental learning center logo with cow, pig, and chicken sillhouettes over a map of the U.S. with three circling arrowsDecember, 2007

  • Dry Manure Housing Systems for Beef and Dairy Featured in the January, 2008 Webcast
  • Survey to Determine Air Quality Webcast Topics
  • Report Outlines Policy Changes to Clean Up the Chesapeake Bay
  • Virginia Project Offers Incentives for Improved Feed Management on Dairy Farms

November, 2007

  • December Webcast Showcases Innovative Manure Treatment Technologies from the SBIR Program
  • New and Improved LPELC Website Set for a March, 2008 Launch
  • EPA AgSTAR Program Encourages Use of Anaerobic Digesters
  • National Air Mitigation Conference Call for Papers Closes December 1

October, 2007

  • November Webcast to Examine Vegetative Treatment Systems for Managing Barnyard and Open Lot Runoff
  • New Webcast Technology to Debut in October
  • Mid Atlantic Water Quality Program Website Offers Nutrient Budgets
  • Pennsylvania Project Examines Manure Management in No-Till Systems

September, 2007

  • Matching Treatment Systems with the Environmental Concern is October's Webcast Topic.
  • Help Us Find the "Best of the Best"
  • Have You Missed Out on Past Webcasts Because of Technical Difficulties?
  • LPE Learning Center Opens Door for Air Quality Education
  • New Webcast Schedule Includes a Wide Variety of Topics

August, 2007

  • Webcast Series Resumes with "Value of Manure in Energy Production"
  • Webcast Schedule Coming Soon
  • Web Soil Survey 2.0 Is a Comprehensive and Useful Resource
  • EPA Funded Research to Examine Hormones in Manure

July, 2007

  • Webcast Planning Survey Complete-Your Top Picks Are...
  • LPE Learning Center to be Part of eXtension
  • Feed Management Fact Sheets Now Available
  • EPA Develops a Matrix of Agriculture-Related Regulations
  • Upcoming EPA Workshop to Focus on Hormones
  • ASABE Hosts Symposium on Air Quality and Waste Management

June, 2007

  • Webcast Series Takes a Break in July and August
  • Value of Manure Resources Available
  • LPE Learning Center Expands to Ten Teams
  • Vegetative Treatment Systems Research and Demonstration Resources
  • Vegetative Treatment Systems Being Evaluated for Large Feedlots

May, 2007

  • June Webcast is "Value Added Processing of Manure"
  • Webcast Planning Underway
  • Alternative Technologies We Resources Available
  • FPPC Program Offers Cost Share for Innovative Manure Technologies
  • Iowa State to Host a Conference on Anaerobic Treatment of Ag Wastes

April, 2007

  • Value of Manure in Land Application Systems to be Presented in May Webcast
  • What's New on the LPE Website?
  • Value of Manure Topic Coming Soon
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Encourages Research into New Technologies for Manure Management
  • Promising Treatment Technology Removes Phosphorus from Manure

March, 2007

  • Lessons Learned from the Search for Environmentally Superior Technologies is *April's Webcast Topic
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Now Online
  • Alternative Technologies Topic Coming Soon
  • LPES Curriculum Includes Resources for Large and Small Farms
  • What is Video Streaming and How Do I Get the Best Possible Quality?

February, 2007

  • Nitrogen Availability from Organic Sources is the Topic of March Webcast
  • LPE Webcasts Approved for Continuing Education Units
  • Ag Research Service (ARS) Website Offers Many Resources
  • LPE Learning Center Website Adds Nutrient Resources, Expands the Pathogen Section, and Offers an Archive of Past Webcasts

January, 2007

  • February Webcast Panel to Discuss Manure Application to Legumes
  • CCA Continuing Education Units for LPE Learning Center Webcast Participation
  • Phosphorus Publications Featured on SERA-17 Website
  • Effects of Composting on Nutrients in Livestock Manure

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