Handling and Storage Options for Manure

Animal Manure Management June 19, 2013 Print Friendly and PDF

The LPE Learning Center Manure Handling, Storage and Mortality Management team has assembled a set of resources that includes information about "traditional" manure handling, storage and land application as well as managing routine and catastrophic mortalities. Resources about "alternative" or "non-traditional" manure treatments and uses have been assembled by the Manure Treatment Technologies team.

Manure Handling and Collection Overview

Collecting and Handling Systems By Manure Type

Manure Storage

Liquid (and Slurry) Manure Storage Treatment

Solid Manure Storage

Manure Application Equipment Overview

Managing Animal Mortalities

Records and Inspections

Manure Safety

Webcast Presentations and Videos

Small Farm Manure Storage

Educational, Technical, Financial and Assistance Resources

  • Manure Land Application and Irrigation Equipment

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