Marketing & PR 101: How to Promote Your Organization or Program

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Monday Campaigns
Join Cherry Dumaual, PR & Partnerships Director of the Monday Campaigns, and her colleague Nara Sandberg, Marketing & Partnerships Associate of the Monday Campaigns, as they explain the basics of marketing and public relations (PR) and how these skills can help your organization or program. This webinar includes what these tools are and best practices for leveraging them to promote a brand, organization, or project. They also share a case study to demonstrate successful application. 

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
· Gain a basic overview of marketing & PR tools to effectively reach target audiences
· Employ best practices for marketing & PR
· Understand these practices as applied to a real-life case study
· Apply learnings to help develop their own marketing & PR plans to promote their organization and programs
PDF of Presentation Slides

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