Let's Eat! A Guide to Engaging Students in Smarter Lunchrooms

Healthy Food Choices in Schools May 29, 2018 Print Friendly and PDF

Let’s Eat! Engaging Students in Smarter Lunchrooms is a guide to involving middle and high school students in making their own decisions towards healthful eating, learning to try new foods, and decreasing food waste in school cafeterias. This webinar discusses WHY the lunchroom creates a perfect opportunity for students to engage in decision making and positive change in their school lunch program, HOW to start the process of engaging students by using one or more of the six hands-on Let's Eat lesson plans, and WHAT the benefits of this collaborative process are for students and school food service programs. 

At the end of this webinar, participants will:

- Be familiar with the Let's Eat guide and identify opportunities for use in their school

- Know the key steps to forming a School Lunch Advisory Committee (SLAC) that involves staff and students

- Have the motivation and be prepared to use tools to engage middle and high school students in the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement with one or more of the six lesson plans


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