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Webcast Series

Looking Ahead to April: Equipment and Facilities for Managing Manure on Small Farms

The April webcast takes a look at small farms and will include the following segments and presenters. Be sure to join us!

  • Manure storage areas and related structures   (Jeffrey Porter, USDA-NRCS)
  • Poultry structures and facilities  (Casey Ritz, University of Georgia)
  • Equipment for use on small livestock farms, (Tommy Bass, Montana State University)
  • Composting on small livestock or equine farms (Carissa Wickens, University of Florida)

  April 20, 2018 at 2:30 pm EDT (1:30 CDT; 12:30 MDT; and 11:30 a.m. PDT) More information will be posted on the webcast calendar page as soon as it is available.

More on Webcasts...

Conservation Practices Commonly Used in Animal Agriculture

What's Going On In the LPELC?

Waste to Worth 4. The 2019 Waste to Worth conference will be held in April, 2019 in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. If you want to be part of the planning team, fill out this form.

Around the Horns

Water Quality. The North Central Water Network held a webinar on Manure, Water, and Soil Health. A description is available at the webinar archive. View the recording...

Compost Benefits. ATTRA has released a new publication "How to Add Compost to Your Small Farm". This guide covers the benefits of compost which provides nutrients to plants, improves soil structure, increases water-holding capacity, and suppresses root diseases by supporting beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Learn more or download the guide...

Natural Disasters. A new report details the federal government's natural disaster relief programs for livestock producers from 2008-16. The report shows differences in regions as well as differences in payments across years. Learn more...

Land Use Data. If you are interested in seeing how land use patterns have changed over time in the U.S. check out the USDA Economic Research Service report "Major Land Uses". The data is current through 2012, except for cropland data which is updated through 2017.

Pathogens. Research from Cornell University has shown that water troughs are a significant way that E. coli spreads among cattle in feedlots. They investigated if lowering water levels in troughs could decrease the prevalence of the pathogen, but found it increased it instead. Read more...

Nutrient Management. The Manure Scoop blog by Dan Anderson at Iowa State University covers variable rate manure application in a series of posts. Introduction and challenges | Example and economics

Avian Influenza. The highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak required proper carcass management to avoid further spread of the disease. The following videos provide an overview of mass poultry mortality composting and can be used by the poultry industry, state and federal agencies, and emergency response contractors. Go to the video playlist...

Regulation & Policy.

  • A provision in the omnibus spending bill signed by President Trump exempts livestock operations from reporting under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). Read more at Successful Farming... | Ohio's Country Journal...
  • USDA has withdrawn a proposed rule related to organic livestock and poultry production. The rule had focused on animal welfare, especially on outdoor access for animals. Read more...

cow grazing in pasturePastured Livestock. USDA NRCS held a webinar on "Grazing and Nutrient Management". The presentation looked at: What is the nutrient uptake by the animals? How many nutrients are returned to the pastures/rangelands through manure? What is the distribution of the nutrients? Are supplemental nutrients required to maintain pasture plant health? Read more or view the recording...

Farmer Stewardship.

  • New York farmers discussed manure management challenges, especially those related to winter manure handling. Read more...
  • A California dairy farm powers everything, including the feed truck, with energy generated through their digester. Read more...

Events & Announcements

SARE Conference. The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program is hosting a once-every-decade conference "Our Farms Our Future: The Next 30 Years of Sustainable Agriculture". April 3-5, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. More...

Animal Mortality. The International Symposium on Animal Mortality Management will be held June 3-7, 2018 in Amarillo, Texas. Read more...

ASABE 2018. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Annual International Meeting will be held July 29 - August 1, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. Meeting website...

ILES. The Call for Papers is open for the 10th International Livestock Environment Symposium. ILES X will be held in Omaha, Nebraska September 25-27, 2018. More...

News Droppings

A look at animal agriculture, stewardship, and manure in the news: serious, funny or controversial. We don't endorse this stuff, we just think you should know about it.

"Process upcycles manure for sustainable paper" from Feedstuffs

"Scientist working on process to turn cow manure gas into a natural battery" from Press Herald

"A prison guard and his old horse making smiles out of manure" from USA Today

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