EMG White Paper - Impact and Public Value

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  • Extension Master Gardeners save time, water, money, and the environment.
  • Extension Master Gardeners empower people with knowledge for life.
  • Extension Master Gardeners create a more beautiful environment with street trees, flowers, and green space in urban and suburban public areas.
  • Extension Master Gardeners increase green space that reduces runoff into storm sewers, thus protecting environmental resources.
  • Extension Master Gardeners educate homeowners in sustainable yard care practices thus reducing yard waste in landfills or public waste sites.
  • Extension Master Gardeners have conducted programs to control and eradicate invasive plants thus restoring native ecosystems.
  • Extension Master Gardeners teach people to be healthier through increased exercise from gardening and better diets from eating more fruits and vegetables they are growing.
  • Extension Master Gardeners teach creative and nurturing skills through gardening. These therapeutic skills are healing and restorative in today’s high tech society.
  • Extension Master Gardeners develop a network within a community to connect Cooperative Extension and community resources to develop programs that meet community needs.
  • Extension Master Gardeners are important social capitol – a necessary and vital part of strong communities.

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