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Incorporating global dynamics and cultural knowledge into extension’s education, research and value to better respond to increasingly diverse and interdependent domestic and global needs.

WHY a Community of Practice?

The U.S. Cooperative Extension System has a long history of adapting to change and responding to critical issues affecting peoples daily’s lives and the nation’s future. More and more local issues are influenced by the globalization of the financial, service, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors of our economy. Likewise the changing demographics in the U.S. are creating new opportunities and concerns that require new and/or adapting programming. 

To continue our success the future of the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service must integrate global dynamics and cultural knowledge in its programming to serve the changing needs of our community members. The Community of Practice (CoP) will contribute to guaranteeing that the U.S. Cooperative Extension System remains relevant and responds to the increasingly diverse and interdependent domestic and global challenges through these impacts:

  • A workforce that is prepared and capable to participate in addressing global development challenges
  • Programs incorporating global dynamics and cultural knowledge into the educational, research and outreach activities of Extension
  • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness through sharing of resources and cooperation within the Extension system


In order to achieve these impacts, the Community of Practice will support and focus on:

  • Strengthening the use of intercultural skills by Extension faculty and staff working in diverse domestic and international contexts
  • Improving programming through the inclusion of information on the implications of global dynamics and cultural knowledge within the local, regional, state and/or national context
  • Expanding understanding of the variety of rural advisory service and Extension models used domestically and internationally
  • Creating effective network of global partnerships, ready and able to engage in true collaboration

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