Oregon Processing Studies & Reports

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The following studies and reports, listed in order of publication date, look at different challenges related to meat processing in Oregon.

Oregon Lamb Processing Feasibility Study

  • Author: NEWCO Northwest, on behalf of the Oregon Sheep Growers Association
  • Date: August 2003
  • Link to full report

Solving the Local Meat Conundrum: Meat Production and Processing in Oregon and Washington

Animal Byproducts Technology Assessment and Marketing Analysis: Options for Oregon

  • Author: Cascade Economics; commissioned by Oregon Solutions Team and the Agricultural Development and Marketing Division of Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Date: September 2007
  • Link to full report

Northwest Meat and Livestock Processor and Producer Survey on State Inspection Program

  • Authors: Food Innovation Center/Oregon State University and Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Date: February 2009
  • Link to full report

Beef Processing in Oregon: Is It for You?

Product Development and Market Research for Beef and Lamb: USDA Inspected Meat Products from Wallowa County

  • Author: Northeast Oregon Environmental Development District
  • Date: October 2009
  • Link to full report



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