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December, 2015

The last issue of 2015 highlights a webcast on communicating science amidst controversy and reveals a curated list of video resources about animal ag and stewardship. If you are a certified crop advisor that needs year end CEUs in nutrient management, check out the phosphorus self-study compiled from the Waste to Worth conference. The tour of topics includes quite a bit on antibiotics in animal agriculture, en emphasis on soil health, and increasing interest in carbon, greenhouse gases and agriculture as part of the solution to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide. More...

November, 2015

November includes a webcast on a unique project looking at pathways in nutrient management outreach. We also look at dung beetles, nutrient management, grazing management, a collection of manure video resources, and more!

October, 2015

The October issue highlights a webinar on lessons learned during the response to the highly-pathogenic avian influenza outbreak. There is also a module on phosphorus management that is available for Certified Crop Advisor CEUs and more updates on the WOTUS rule. We also cover grazing management, manure value, women in ag, manure management in other countries, and safety around manure storage. More...

September, 2015

The last issue of summer mentions a webcast on thermal manure-to-energy technologies. We also go "around the horns" and look at avian influenza, court cases on WOTUS, nutrient management, greenhouse gases, foaming manure pits, and a featured video on adaptive management and grazing. More...

July/August, 2015

The combined July/August issue highlights part two of our webinar series on biochar. You can also find a great deal on nutrient management, animal welfare, and several reminders on manure storage safety. We also take an international look at animal ag and stewardship efforts from elsewhere on the globe. More...

June, 2015

June includes a great deal of information on antibiotics and pathogens. The upcoming webcasts include a two part series on environmental and agronomic uses of biochar. You will also find great information on neighbor relations, grazing management, and information on regulations and court cases related to animal agriculture. More...

May, 2015

May's newsletter showcases the next webinar on "Micro Manure Management", a new article on neighbor relations, and registration for dairy systems & climate adaptation conference. In light of the avian influenza epidemic, the newsletter includes several resources on catastrophic mortality management for poultry. We end with a look at beef cattle implant hormones, composting bins and great events to add to your calendar. More...

April, 2015

No fooling - the April installment reminds about the webinar on manure & tile drainage. We also take a look at farming systems - especially on grazing strategies. Many minds are on spring manure application and nutrient management as well as the finalized "Waters of the U.S. Rule". Check out the Events section for many great gathering opportunities. More...

March, 2015

The March issue features our April webinar on manure application over tile drainage. There is also a final registration reminder for the Waste to Worth conference. "Around the Horns" features information on regulations, nutrient management, pathogens and pharmaceuticals, and much more.

February, 2015

February's newsletter encourages you to get registered for Waste to Worth and highlights two webcasts in back-to-back weeks. One is on unintended consequences of gypsum bedding in dairies and the other is novel animal housing. The topics are heavy on regulation and policy news, and also include nutrient management and tile drainage. Animal welfare information was also plentiful. We round it out with antibiotic resistance and feedlot dust, avian influenza, and a long list of great events and happenings. More...

January, 2015

The January edition is full of excellent information. Starting with a webcast on mobile manure apps and the Waste to Worth conference. Learn more about composting, manure treatment, climate change, small farms, nutrient management, policy & law, air quality, funding opportunities, and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). As always, the events section is full of great meetings and conferences. The "Manure In the News" section is especially interesting. More...

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