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December, 2014

The December webcast is on engaging youth in manure management. The last newsletter of 2014 changes the format by having an "around the horns" section where stories are sorted by topic. Check it out and let us know if you like it! We include manure to energy, soils, biosecurity & PEDv, nutrient management, climate change, winter manure spreading and much more...

November, 2014

Check out November's issue to see a timely webcast on winter manure spreading and for the latest on Waste to Worth. The LPELC climate team has released a new website and there is a featured video on raising poultry for profit. EPA has updated a publication on inspections for animal ag operations, USDA studied heat stress and dairy production, and there are now climate hubs online. There is much more on "cow of the future", antibiotics, state programs, and events to add to your calendar.  More...

October, 2014

October's edition is chock full of good stuff, including a preview of the webcast on a feed nutrient management planning tool, the Waste to Worth conference, and several articles on water quality & nutrients. This addition is also heavy on information about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and animal welfare. Other topics include animal mortality resources, dung beetles, odor, goats as weed control, and more.

September, 2014

The September news announces part 2 in the series on composting animal mortalities. Abstract submission for Waste to Worth has been extended until November 17, 2014. There were multiple items on poultry and antibiotics, as well as the Waters of the U.S. rule, solid manure digestion, and how the drought has reshaped the U.S. cattle map. More...

July/August, 2014

The midsummer edition of animal ag and environment news announces a two-part webcast series on "Composting Animal Mortalities: Beyond the Basics". Abstracts are being accepted for Waste to Worth and the LPE climate team is posting a blog. The newsletter highlights articles on greenhouse gases, estuary nutrients, digesters, rice, beef cattle impacts, waters of the U.S. rule, and PEDv biosecurity. More...

June, 2014

The June newsletter introduces a webcast on PEDv biosecurity and updates on Waste to Worth planning. It also highlights resources like a report on the economic implications of the Chesapeake TMDL, hypoxia taskforce, a new technology that purifies manure to clean water, tannins and odor, and legal implications of hosting on-farm events. More...

May, 2014

The May issue introduces a webcast on the "Waters of the U.S. Rule" proposed by the EPA. We also provide more information on the 2015 Waste to Worth conference and a return of self-study CCA credits for archived webcasts. The national climate assessment and grassland/rangeland items filled the "hot topics" and "national resources" sections. Check it out for more articles on pathogens, nitrate filtering in the Mississippi River, and a review of ag law. Also be sure to take a look at the calendar of events. More...

April, 2014

The April news highlights a webcast on bioaerosols and the LPELC's annual survey. It continues with information on nutrient software from the University of Missouri and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. We also report on some research on antibiotics in manure, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), and a debate about EPA's methane emission estimates from livestock.  As usual, there is also some great "manure in the news" items and events. More...

March, 2014

March's newsletter brings many great new resources your way, including a webcast on side-dressing manure on corn with a side of drainage control structures (More....). The climate team continues to offer their outstanding online course on climate change and animal ag. There are several organic production resources, including guidance on developing a nutrient management plan for organic farms. You will also find a grazing app, crop life cycle assessment research, and many great events and announcements. More...

February, 2014

The February issue presents a webcast on gasification of manure, a new page on questions to ask before pursuing manure-to-energy technologies, biosecure manure management, and an online course on climate change and animal ag. The 'national resources' section includes an announcement on the locations of USDA's climate hubs, and a study comparing the environmental footprint of poultry production over the past 50 years. Hot topics include a beginning farmer success story, biochar scrubber for mercury, soil health, and a swine phosphorus survey. The events section grew this month and is a must-see. More...

January, 2014

The January issue looks at the webcast on nutrient recovery from manure treatment systems and future webcasts on gasification and more! It is the time of year to remember winter manure spreading bans are in place in many states. There are two archived webcasts on the risks and advisory tools and a proceedings paper on spreading bans. There are also a wide variety of curriculum materials on air quality, climate change, and a series aimed at high school teachers (includes greenhouse gases, manure 101, nutrients and more). Additional topics include proposed FDA rules, antibiotics, manure apps, energy efficiency, pit foaming, and much more!

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