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Suggested Timeline

36 months pre-conference

  1. develop sponsorships
  2. find facilities
  3. make contacts with potential speakers

24 months pre-conference

  1. ask politicos for letters of invitation
  2. conduct planning meeting
  3. contact national/prominent speakers

18 months pre-conference

  1. send general publicity to national list and state MG coordinators
  2. send information regarding Search for Excellence
  3. send letter and application form to prospective trade show exhibitors
  4. send letter to prospective donors inviting assistance
  5. line up speakers

12 months pre-conference

  1. send publicity re conference dates, theme, sites to state coordinators and
  2. to selected media
  3. set up web site for conference
  4. followup letter or phone contact by fund raising committee to prospective donors

9 months pre-conference

  1. direct mailing to agents re exhibit space arrangements
  2. direct mailing to state coordinators re registration forms that can be sent statewide
  3. publicity to selected horticulture and trade magazines re dates
  4. followup letter and/or phone contact to trade show prospects

6 months pre-conference

  1. publicity mailing to agents and state coordinators re dates and program
  2. letter to state associations/foundations re free exhibit booth spaces

3 month pre-conference

  1. letter of instruction to trade show exhibitors
  2. letter of instruction to free booth exhibitor applicants

1 month pre-conference

  1. publicity news releases prepared for attendees
  2. info to radio, television to promote awareness of MG program natl. conference
  3. prepare registration packets

Conference begins

  1. have sufficient MG volunteer staff on hand to;
  2. conduct registration smoothly
  3. assist speakers and tour guides
  4. greet attendees and assist with information
  5. monitor classroom needs

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