Learning Goals for the Women in Agriculture Programs for 21st Century Farms & Ranches Workshop

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Learning Goal


Participants will understand social/cultural differences in how women build agricultural business and how to deliver education and training that reflects women’s needs and learning preferences.

Participants will list at least 2 examples of social/cultural differences in how women build agricultural businesses.

Participants will describe at least 2 characteristics of education and training that reflects women’s needs and learning preferences.

The education and training will prepare participants to change existing programs and/or develop new programs.

Participants will describe 1-2 specific ideas for modifying their existing programming (or introducing new programming) to be more effective with women in agriculture audiences in the next 12 months.

Conduct the training in an engaging, interactive way that models good adult learning practices.

Participants will identify one technique/exercise we used that they would like to try in the next 12 months.

The training will strengthen the network of Women in Ag programs across the US.

Participants will identify 2 people from this training with whom they plan to continue to communicate over the next 12 months.

Participants agree to recommend the training to others.

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The Women in Agriculture National Learning Network (WIA LN) helps women in agriculture improve their quality of life by providing them with resources to make better business decisions while maintaining a balance with family and personal obligations.

We also work to improve and expand education, technical assistance and support opportunities for women farmers and ranchers around the country. Learn more about upcoming professional development opportunities.

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