Mooga: Cow Inspired Yoga

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The Dairy Council of Florida has developed Mooga, cow inspired yoga, as an interactive activity that helps strengthen bones and teach about the health benefits of dairy in the diet. All materials are free and easy to download.

A poster is available with 6 different poses. Poses should be held for 2-5 minutes each for the greatest health benefit. To complement the movement, two Mooga music tracks are also available. The poster and music are great additions to activity stations for afterschool programs.

For a larger group activity, a Power Point presentation is available. This shows each of the 6 poses, one per slide, and a few minutes can be spent on each. The two Mooga music tracks can be played to accompany the movement.

Mooga videos are also available with four different key focus areas:

Each videos lasts between 7-10 minutes and includes important nutrition messages.

To get started using our Mooga resources, visit

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Lori Nelson MS, RD, LD/NNutrition Manager, Dairy Council of Florida


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