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Climate change has been all over the news lately, from the drought in California, to the Pope’s Encyclical, to unpassed EPA regulations. Do you ever think, “Okay, I know this is important, I know it’s big, but what does it mean for my land?” Lucky for you, the USDA Regional Climate Hubs were established last year across the country to answer this very question. Here’s a little look at what the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH) has been up to in their first year and a half.

Climate Hubs Tool Shed - The Tool Shed is a national online, searchable database of tools (data-driven, interactive websites and mobile apps) that can assist land managers, land owners, and extension professionals in adapting working lands to the impacts of climate change. While many of the tools were developed specifically to address climate change, several were instead developed to aid in mitigating impacts of drought, pests, wildfire, and extreme weather. Take a look at the Tool Shed on the Climate Hubs Website. Feedback is always welcome, and can be provided via the “Feedback” button on the site, or directly to Sarah Wiener of the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (

SERCH LIGHTS – SERCH LIGHTS is a monthly drought alert that comes direct to your inbox based on your location and sector (agriculture or forestry). We use NOAA’s Monthly Drought Outlook to let you know if the drought condition for your location is expected to change, and couple it with interesting and useful information on drought, climate, and how to manage your land when the rain isn’t falling. Subscribe here.

Land Management – In addition to our blog, SERCH is doing a land management feed, full of information on how to manage your land under a more variable climate. Scroll through topics, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, suggest a topic for us. To get these blogs direct to your inbox once a month, subscribe to our free newsletter.

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