Goat Nutrition CD2

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CD2 High Concentrate, Corn-Based Experimental Diet

This is an 80 percent concentrate diet used in a recent experiment with growing Spanish and Boer crossbred doelings. The calculated composition of the diet on a dry matter basis is:

CP - 13.5%
TDN - 76.8%
Ca - 0.61%
P - 0.34%
Ingredient % (air dry basis)
Millet hay 19.760
Ground corn 66.315
Soybean meal 8.902
Molasses 2.838
Dicalcium phosphate 0.241
Limestone 0.953
Vitamin premix 0.494
Trace mineralized salt 0.449
Deccox, 6% 0.049

The Vitamin premix contained 2,200 IU vitamin A, 1,200 IU vitamin D3, and 2.2 IU vitamin E per gram, and the trace mineralized salt contained 95% to 98.5% NaCl. and at least 0.24% Mn, 0.24% Fe, 0.05% Mg, 0.032% Cu, 0.011% Co, 0.007% I, and 0.005% Zn.

Reference: Hart, S. P. and A. L. Goetsch. 2001. Goat Diet/Feeding Examples. Pages 64-85 in Proc. 16th Ann. Goat Field Day, Langston University, Langston, OK.

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