Peer to Peer Consulting for Small Processors

Small Meat Processors June 04, 2018 Print Friendly and PDF

What's on this page?

Here you'll find more information about our Peer-to-Peer Consulting Program (P2P).  What it is, how it works and a review of two years of P2P. 


What is P2P?

NMPAN is about peer-to-peer learning. But some questions and challenges need more than a listserve discussion, of course. Whether you have a complicated problem or are planning to make a significant change to your processing business, you might benefit from a “thinking partner” – an experienced processor who has been there and can share insights and suggestions.

How do I apply? 

To apply for P2P, please paste the following questions and your answers into an email - keep it short, please - and send it to

  1. Describe your current business (one sentence on each item below)
    1. # of employees
    2. annual processing volume (lbs. or head by species)
    3. services
    4. location
    5. distribution channels
    6. inspection status
  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve, or the new idea you want help thinking through? (four sentences max)
  3. What kind of assistance are you looking for? Site visit? Phone/email consultation? Business plan review?

How much does it cost? 

NMPAN has a small pool of funding to subsidize peer consulting services, on a cost-share basis: you pay half, we’ll pay half.  This is not a free service: we're sharing the cost with you.  

How has the program worked so far?

We started the P2P program in April 2014.  In April 2016, we did a two year review of P2P.  You can read that review here


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