Elizabeth Newton, MFLN Family Development, VSU MFT Liasion

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Elizabeth Newton was hired by the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration area as a Valdosta State University Marriage and Family Therapist Liaison. She coordinates community outreach and public relation opportunities with the MFLN Family Development team.

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Science. Elizabeth is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree at Valdosta State University’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. While attending UGA, Elizabeth studied therapeutic interventions through the scope of Marriage and Family Therapy and how it correlates to her understanding of how the world operates.

Following her graduation, Elizabeth earned a position with a renowned wilderness therapy program, Red Cliff Ascent. During 8-day shifts in the desert of southern Utah, she worked directly with troubled adolescents from around the globe who are immersed in a unique and effective therapeutic environment. Elizabeth worked in collaboration with therapists to create clients’ treatment plans, learned implementation tactics, and educated clients regarding specific maintenance strategies. This role enabled her to view first-hand how dysfunctional home environment, family relations, and relationship dynamics disrupt an individual’s healthy development.

As a full time volunteer, Elizabeth worked with Children First Incorporated. With this agency she was exposed to the legal realm of family intervention and maintenance. Through collaboration with the judicial system and the Department of Family and Child Services, Children First ensured safe foster and permanent homes for children living in hostile environments.

Elizabeth interned with Samaritan Counseling Center in Athens, Georgia where she fulfilled primary administrative tasks that kept the clinic operating smoothly. Participating in bi-weekly clinical meetings contributed to her evolving understanding of mental health diagnoses, treatment plans and maintenance, while also increasing her competence in remaining emotionally resilient yet empathetic when discussing client caseloads.

Elizabeth also served an undergraduate research assistant under Dr. Lee Johnson with Brigham Young University and doctoral candidates. Elizabeth aided in data collection and the preparation for national presentations and peer review publications for the ongoing project, ‘Working Out and Working Out: The relationship between Physical Exercise and Couples Therapy’.


Contact Information:

Elizabeth Newton

Valdosta State University

Marriage & Family Therapy Department

MFLN Family Development

VSU MFT Liasion

1500 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA  31698

Phone: (229) 293-6032

Email: elnewton@valdosta.edu


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