Victor Villegas, Oregon State University

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head shot photo of Victor Villegas

Victor Villegas is the Technology & Media Support Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension. Victor is an avowed aero geek and has had a lifelong interest in aeronautics. He originally studied aviation in college and has experience flying full size aircraft as well as R/C airplanes, helicopters and drones. Victor is a drone advocate, co-moderates the Unmanned Aircraft and Agriculture and the Unmanned Aircraft Operators Google+ communities and loves to "drone on" about UAS technology, information, news and research every chance he gets.

Victor also has the unusual distinction of being the world's number one composer of quirky drone songs, published under the moniker - DroneSinger. As the "Weird Al of Drones", he uses humor to educate and bring attention to drone issues and culture while promoting their safe and responsible use.


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