MFLN Webinar Troubleshooting Tips

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Before Connecting to Adobe Connect / YouTube Live


Restart the computer with the audio equipment you plan to use during the webinar already connected. Try to connect to Adobe Connect early (the room is usually open 30 minutes prior to start time); this will give us time before the webinar starts to respond if you encounter trouble. As much as possible, limit the number of additional internet applications open during the webinar.



Connecting via Adobe Connect


Common Factors Affecting Connection to Adobe Connect


Incompatible Browser: Adobe Connect operates best on Firefox and Google Chrome. If you do not have either of these browsers, you can view the broadcast on YouTube Live or email for tech support. 


Outdated Browser: We seem to have more success when individuals’ browsers are up to date, and this is good to do just for security anyway. Qualys offers a free browser check that will determine if your browser and associated plugins are up to date:

Just “launch” and “scan without installing plugin” and update any out of date items it finds related to the browser itself or to flash or to java.  You can run this test using Chrome and using IE and even Firefox. If your browser is, indeed, out-of-date then you will need to install the most recent version or have your computer check for required updates.



Network Speed:  Adobe Connect can be quite sensitive to each participant’s bandwidth or connection speed. The recommended minimum connection speed is 512 kilobits per second (Kbps). When the connection speed drops below this, you may start seeing things like the sound cutting in and out and failure to connect to the server. You can test your connection speed to get an idea if this might be a limitation at There are a lot of advertisements on this site so only click on the green “begin test” button or the “test again” button. Connection speeds will vary from moment to moment so you might test several times. Connection speeds also vary with the number of users on the same local network. For example, 3 people on the same network, participating in a webinar may really bog down an already slow connection. Slow connection speed could explain both connection issues and audio issues.


Generally speaking, wired connections are usually faster and more stable than wireless connections. Use the fastest connection possible.


Choppy Audio or Lagging Video Stream


Network Speed: See above recommendations regarding internet speed and bandwidth.



Full technical specifications for Adobe Connect can be found at


Connecting via YouTube Live


The YouTube Live stream begins a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time. A black screen up to this time is normal.


If you experience issues, please contact us at for tech support.



Additional Help


Direct inquiries to If you contact us with technical issues, the following information will help us to assist you more quickly:


  • Adobe Connect or YouTube Live?

  • Mac or Windows?

  • Browser?

  • Network location? Home, campus, starbucks, etc.?

  • Connection issues?  What happens? Error messages, etc.?

  • Can’t hear? Type of listening device and how is it connected to the computer?


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