Global Network Survey & Your Role in Globalizing Extension

Internationalizing Extension June 05, 2015 Print Friendly and PDF


In February 2014 the global network survey (GNS) was launched to identify networks and expertise within the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service. To date over 350 people have completed the survey and it has snowballed out to over 825 people providing data about: 

  • Work efforts in foreign countries and with immigrant groups in the U.S.
  • Professional development needs and teaching expertise
  • Organization and position types
  • Subject areas focus and work categories
  • Working networks

The GNS data collection is ongoing, extensive and clearly demonstrates the increasingly diverse and interdependent domestic and global efforts of U.S. Cooperative Extension personnel and their affiliates.  If you have not completed the survey and have work efforts with countries outside the U.S. and/or work efforts with recent immigrants to the U.S. send an email to and request a login code. 

The ability to identify and create new networks to explore research opportunities, new sources of funding, reach new audiences and ultimately expand the scope of Extension will contribute to remaining relevant and responsive today and in the future. The GNS data is dynamic (changes as people are added and others update their profiles).  Analyzing GNS data is a complex process that has many points of interest.  To learn more about the GNS data view the Webinar Global Network Survey: Building a Community of Practice or the slidesglobal network survey.pdf

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