Building a Public Health Partnership to Assist with your School Nutrition Program

Healthy Food Choices in Schools December 23, 2016 Print Friendly and PDF

Expand your team! Find others in your community interested in health and nutrition. Every community has a local public health department with a health educator interested in health promotion programs. University public health programs also have students looking for real-world experiences. In this session, Marietta Orlowski, Associate Professor at Wright State University and Project Evaluator, Smarter Lunchrooms Ohio, discusses the shared goals, complimentary skills and real-life experiences of building school nutrition and public health partnerships. 

Learn Objectives: 

  • List shared goals of school nutrition and public health programs.
  • Identify potential benefits of partnerships with local public health.
  • Locate professionals and students interested in healthy eating initiatives.

Additional Resources 

PDF of Slides 


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