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Webcast Series

Happy New Year! Manure Management Mobile Apps

logo for manure calculator appThere are several manure management apps available to assist in decision-making and record keeping. Learn more about some of these apps and hear from the developers on the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned in developing these tools. More.... January 16, 2015

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Featured Video:

Ammonia Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park More...

Future Topics

February - air quality topic (tentative)
March - no webcast due to Waste to Worth
April and May - tile/subsurface drainage (tentative); biochar (tentative)

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As always, you can check out the recordings at our webcast archive and view the schedule at upcoming webcasts.

What's Going On In the LPELC?

Waste to Worth: Spreading science and solutions logoWaste to Worth.  Registration is open!  Abstract reviews are underway and authors are being notified of acceptance. Proceedings papers are due February 3, 2015. Waste to Worth will be held in beautiful downtown Seattle within walking distance of the Space Needle, Waterfront, and public transit. Check out the tours, draft program and more...

Around the "Horns"

A topic-by-topic look at animal ag & stewardship

composted dairy manureComposting. Lenz Enterprises (a stop on one of the Waste to Worth tours this April) has been written up in Biocycle magazine for the addition of residential food scraps to their operation. More...

Manure Treatment. A new University of Maryland extension publication explains the basics of alternative manure management options including physical, biological, and thermochemical options. More.... | Download publication

Climate Change. Chatham House, an independent policy institute based in London, recently released a report "Livestock-Climate Change's Forgotten Sector" which strongly advocates that if people were made more aware of the large greenhouse gas emissions of meat and dairy production, they would be more likely to reduce consumption of these products. More...

Small Farms. A guide on marketing manure to create a "value-added" product is available from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. More... | Download publication

a small waterway running through a pastureNutrient Management.

  • The Chesapeake Bay Foundation released its "State of the Bay Report". Water quality is improving but the overall grade was still a D+. The nitrogen score remained level from last year while the phosphorus score went backward. More.... There has been a fair bit of debate over the phosphorus management tool (PMT) and whether it is needed. We will update in future newsletters as the PMT continues through legislative processes. Archived webcast: Chesapeake TMDL Implications
  • Research from the Leopold Center in Iowa evaluated the crop availability of phosphorus in beef manure. This is the first such reassessment since the 1970's. The study found that the availability was higher (80-100%) than fertilizer. More... | One-page brief...Related: Manure phosphorus
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is among several partners launching a "nutrient sensor challenge" with the goal of developing affordable, reliable sensors that can measure nutrient levels in waterways. More...

Policy & Law. Most of us have heard the definition of a weed -- "a plant in the wrong place". The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that manure, while usually considered a beneficial fertilizer, is considered a pollutant when it seeps into wells. This reversed an appeals court ruling which held that manure was not a pollutant for insurance coverage purposes. More... (This updates a story we included in the December, 2013 newsletter).

exhaust fans on swine barnAir Quality. Iowa State University has released the "Air Management Practices Assessment Tool" (AMPAT) which helps a farmer examine animal housing, manure storage, and land application practices for potential air quality implications. More... | Related: Air Quality in Animal Agriculture

Funding Opportunities.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ag STAR program has developed a guide to financing anaerobic digester projects. It includes links to EPA-developed resources as well as many non-agency resources. More...
  • The US EPA is seeking proposals for their Environmental Education grant program. This program is intended to support environmental education projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship and help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment. More...

PEDv. Canadian research found that the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) can survive in manure lagoons. In addition to other findings, they discovered that the amount of virus in the bottom layer of the lagoon is increasing over time. More... Hawaii has identified its first case of PEDv with feed being the major focus of the investigation. More... (We have highlighted past research which indicated that feed can transmit the virus if collected from an infected source, but is not likely to be a source if the feed plant uses proper protocols.)  | Archived webcast: Managing Biosecurity to Control PEDv

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Events & Announcements

Midwest Manure Summit. Will be held February 24-25, 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. More...

Waste to Worth 2015. The second Waste to Worth conference will be held March 30-April 3 at the Westin hotel in Seattle, WA. More...

ASABE Climate Change. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers will be hosting their first Climate Change Symposium - Mitigation and Adaptation.will be held in Chicago May 3-5, 2015. More...

Brazil Symposium. Rio deJaneiro, Brazil will be home to the IV International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management - IV SIGERA May 5-7, 2015.  More...

Manure Expo. The next North American Manure Expo will be held in Chambersburg, PA on July 14-15, 2015. Watch the Facebook page for updates as it gets closer.

Dairy Environmental Conference. Cornell University is hosting a Dairy Environmental Systems and Climate Adaptation Conference July 29-31, 2015 in Ithaca, New York. The conference will include tours and educational sessions.

Soil & Water Conservation Society. The SWCS is hosting its annual conference July 26-29, 2015 in Greensboro, NC. Oral presentation submissions close January 8 and poster submissions close March 2. More...

BioCycle West Coast. The conference will be held August 13-16 in Portland, OR and is focused on organic waste recycling. More...

Manure In the News

A look at animal agriculture and manure in the news; serious, funny or controversial. We don't endorse this stuff, we just think you should know about it.

A Guinness world record for amount of manure spread in 24 hours. More...

"Filmmaker Uses Drones to Capture Open-Air Cesspools of Toxic Manure at Factory Farms". More... (Editor's note: Good grief! Did he think farms were trying to hide their manure?)

Meet one of the 2014 Environmental Stewards for the pork producers. More...

Mortality management taken in a new direction. "One woman is revolutionizing the fur industry by using roadkill". More...

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