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Extension educators from eleven states make up the leadership team for the Women in Ag Learning Network on eXtension. Led by Mary Peabody of Women in Agriculture Network with 25 years of experience and Madeline Schultz of Annie’s Project with six years of experience, the Women in Agriculture Learning Network will officially launch July of 2014. The Women in Ag Learning Network is hosting its first webinar Tuesday, July 22 at 11AM CT.

The Women In Ag Learning Network will provide educational resources and information as well as technical assistance for women farmers, ranchers and producers through an interactive national portal. The online resource will include articles, publications, online courses and videos.

As women’s roles in agriculture increase, they are becoming more active as leaders and advocates for family, communities and agriculture. Women continue taking on greater management roles. They are starting new agricultural businesses and transitioning land to the next generation. Women farmers, ranchers and producers are seeking research-based information to assist them as they make decisions about their agricultural operations.

Through eXtension and Women In Agriculture Learning Network, educators will extend teaching beyond conferences and workshops by developing and improving curricula and materials to teach farm management skills. Educators will utilize best educational practices to meet women’s learning preferences, interact with women in agriculture via social media and build connections to teach, share research, experience and information.

The learning network will result in a collection of educators dedicated to exploring issues affecting women in agriculture. The learning network provides a venue for multiple formats of program delivery and enhanced access to national resources developed through research-based information.

The Women in Ag Leadership Team includes:  Mary Peabody, University of Vermont Extension; Madeline Schultz, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach; Helen Brooks, Alcorn State University; Sylvia Clark, Mississippi State University; Cathy Nettles Cutter, Pennsylvania State University Extension; Cheryl Griffith, North Central Risk Management Education Center, University of Nebraska; Beth Holtzman, University of Vermont Extension; Jason Johnson, Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Marsha Laux, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach; Teresa Lyle, Mississippi State University; Gigi Neal, Ohio State University Extension; Heather Neikirk, Ohio State University Extension;  Kathryn Quanbeck, Oregon State University; Lisa Scarbrough; Iowa State University Extension and Outreach; Bobbie Shaffett, Mississippi State University (retired); Mary Sobba, University of Missouri; and Margaret Viebrock, Washington State University.





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The Women in Agriculture National Learning Network (WIA LN) helps women in agriculture improve their quality of life by providing them with resources to make better business decisions while maintaining a balance with family and personal obligations.

We also work to improve and expand education, technical assistance and support opportunities for women farmers and ranchers around the country. Learn more about upcoming professional development opportunities.

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