EPA’s Proposed Waters of the U.S. Regulations

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livestock and poultry environmental learning center logo with cow, pig, and chicken sillhouettes over a map of the U.S. with three circling arrowsUpdate: March, 2017. The Trump administration has issued an executive order directing the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to review the rule and revise or rescind the rule as appropriate. More...

Update: February, 2016. Multiple challenges to the rule in district courts were consolidated in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Full text of ruling....

Update: October, 2015. A ruling by a district court in North Dakota (August 27) blocked the implementation of the rule. EPA felt that the injunction only applied to the 13 states that were involved in bringing the lawsuit and announced it would apply the rule in the other 37 states as scheduled. On October 9, 2015 a federal appeals court ruled that the injunction applied to all states & territories and that EPA could not implement the rule as they planned.

Update: August, 2015. The finalized rule has been published

In this webcast, Rose Kwok of EPA’s Office of Water, and Ken Kopocis, senior advisor in the EPA’s Office of Water, will explain the proposed rule and discuss what the proposal would mean to the agriculture sector. This presentation was originally broadcast on June 20, 2014. More...

The intention of this webcast is to educate on the contents of the proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule. The audience is encouraged to comment on the proposed rule through the EPA website. The opinions of the presenters are their own, they are not necessarily the opinions of the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center.

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Overview of the Proposed Waters of the U.S. Rule

Ken Kopocis, EPA Office of Water (12 minutes)

Presentation Slides
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What is in the Proposed Waters of the U.S. Rule

Rose Kwok, EPA Office of Water (27 minutes)

Presentation Slides
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Question and Answer

All Presenters (30 minutes)

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