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Lameness Videos

Recognizing Lame Cows Early

Dr. Kathryn Proudfoot, The Ohio State University

Dr. Proudfoot joins us to discuss early identification of lameness in dairy cattle. Learn about how the prevalence of lameness is often underestimated, how you can improve detection, and some automated tools to aid in early detection that are currently in development.


Nutritional Causes of Lameness

Dr. Robert Van Saun, Penn State university

Nutrition affects lameness and hoof health in a variety of ways. Learn about both direct and indirect impacts of nutrition, such as acidosis and metabolic diseases, as well as how interactions between nutrition and environment can play a part.


Preventing Lameness in Dairy Cattle

Dr. Ernest Hovingh, Penn State University

Learn about lameness prevention in dairy cattle with a focus on footbaths! Dr. Hovingh discusses infectious and non-infectious lameness conditions, ideal design and placement of foot baths, appropriate solutions and handling, and more tactics to help you get the most out of this prevention tool.


How Dairy Cattle Facilities May Contribute to Lameness

Dan McFarland, Penn State University

Dan McFarland discusses how dairy facilities can contribute to lameness problems. Learn about resting and flooring surfaces, slip hazards, and how heat stress and heifer rearing can factor in.


Foot Rot and Digital Dermatitis

Dr. Dave Van Metre, Colorado State University

Hear from Dr. Dave Van Metre on bovine foot rot and digital dermatitis! He covers some anatomy and explains why foot rot and digital dermatitis develop, as well as discussing ways to prevent and treat both conditions.

Lameness Articles

Identifying and Preventing Causes of Lameness in Your Dairy Herd

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