Cornmeal myth busted!

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squirrel eating cornmeal out of a planter

Another drawback of using cornmeal in the garden! (Photo credit: Photo by protoflux / CC BY

“Cornmeal has powerful fungicidal properties in the garden”

Have you seen this gardening home-remedy on the internet? Before you raid your pantry for the box of cornmeal, you’ll want to read about the science behind the advice. Dr. Chalker-Scott addresses this myth on the Garden Professors blog.

You’ll learn what cornmeal does – and doesn’t – do in your garden soil, and you will enjoy reading the dozens of comments from readers all over the world. Without giving too much away, you’ll have much better success making cornbread than treating fungal diseases with cornmeal.

Cornmeal myth busted
Deconstructing the cornmeal myth


picture of patriotic poster promoting cornmeal

image credit: US National Archives, Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0 


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