Interpreting & Reporting Program Evaluation Data

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After data is analyzed in ways that are planned, it is time to interpret the findings and prepare reports for sharing the program evaluation information. Many options are available for how to display results (i.e., number or percent) and what formats are most effective for different types of program evaluation methods (e.g., focus groups, survey results). Data visualization is a current strategy in program evaluation to use quality graphics to display results that are friendly to a variety of media and internet formats. A purpose of creating effective reports and using quality graphics in reporting is to improve the use of program evaluation results. Strategies for effective report writing include describing the demographic characteristics of target audiences reached by Extension programs and how outcomes may have varied across groups. Interpreting and reporting program evaluations involve finding effective ways to display program impacts for intended end-users and interested stakeholders of the data.

Top Frequently Asked Questions for Interpreting & Reporting

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