Mindy Pratt, Utah State University

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Photo of Mindy Pratt

Mindy Pratt works as an Extension Associate at Utah State University, where her primary areas of interest include rangeland plants and youth education.  She enjoys working on projects that help others as they explore and learn about the rangelands in Utah, and has co-wrote a number of field guides and articles dealing with rangeland plants, their identification, monitoring, and management.  Mindy has worked with the youth of her state for the past 15 years as an instructor and director at Utah's Range Camp, where high school aged students spend a week learning about natural resources in the state.  She also works closely with high school teachers to help integrate natural resources into their curriculum, as well as working with the state FFA in Utah on their contests dealing with natural resources, and overseeing the rangeland contest herself.   

When Mindy isn't working, you will find her busy playing with her family on those same rangelands she works with - hiking, biking, climbing, rappelling, caving, snowboarding, and even scuba diving. 


Contact Information

Mindy Pratt
Utah State University
Department of Wildland Resources
5230 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-5230


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