Concetta DiRusso

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Dr. DiRusso’s research focuses on the impact of dietary fatty acids on health and disease.  The omega-3 fatty acids are required in our diet since we cannot synthesize them in our cells.  When we eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids they become incorporated into cells and tissues and may influence our ability to prevent certain diseases.  Among these are type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver and certain cancers.  The DiRusso lab studies the impact of omega-3 fatty acids on liver and gut function to understand how these nutrients are processed by cells and how they influence gene expression.  These studies are required to understand what kinds of fatty acids we should include in our diets and how much omega-3 fatty acids are required for growth, development and disease prevention.


Expert Contact Information:

Concetta C. DiRusso, Ph.D., Professor

Department of Biochemistry

N241 Beadle Center

1901 Vine St.

University of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE 68588-0664

Office 402-472-6504


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