Aaron T. Ebata

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Aaron Ebata

Aaron is an associate professor and Extension specialist in the Department of Human and Community Development at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).  His research and outreach interests focus on (a) identifying factors that promote or inhibit resilience in families under stress, and (b) applying research to develop and evaluate programs that promote parenting practices that support healthy development in children and youth.  A former elementary and preschool teacher, Aaron has developed and evaluated outreach programs for parents and training for professionals who work with families.  He is married and the father of two teen-aged sons.

Aaron serves as the director of the Autism Program at UIUC, which provides consultation, resources, and training for families with individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as for professionals who serve them. Aaron has been active in the national eXtension Just in Time Parenting resource area as a founding member and part of its leadership team.

Contact Information

Aaron T. Ebata, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Human and Community Development
University of Illinois
email: ebata@illinois.edu
phone: (217) 333-2912


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