Air Quality Waste to Worth 2013 Proceedings

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Ammonia (NH3)

Rocky Mountain National Park Emissions & Measurement

Ammonia: A Volatile, Promiscuous Fugitive

Nitrogen Isotopes to Distinguish Ammonia Sources

Activation Energy of Urea Hydrolysis and Ammonia Henry Constant Effects

Comparing Dairy Manure Application on Ammonia, Odor, and Costs

Estimating Ammonia Using Low-Cost, Time-Averaged Concentration

Mitigation & Management Nutrient Recovery

Feedlot Ammonia BMPs: Barriers and Opportunities

Management to Reduce Nitrogen Losses from Feedlots

Acid Scrubber for Reducing Ammonia

Ammonia Mitigation Using Electrolyzed Water Spray Scrubber

Ammonia Mitigation and Capture Using Gas-Permeable Membrane

Anaerobic Digestion

Potential Air Quality Impacts of Digestion of Dairy Manure

Dust, Particulate Matter (PM)

Management & Mitigation Emissions & Measurement
Stocking Density Manipulation at Cattle Feedyards

Photometric Prediction of Ground-level PM10

Dissipation of Fine Particulates Downwind of Poultry

PM Adjacent to Deep-Bedded Monoslope Facilites

Partnerships Between Industry and Agencies

Affecting Change Through Collaboration: An Industry Driven Apporach (Colorado regulators, livestock associations, farmers)

Yakima, WA Partnership Model to Address Air Emissions from Dairy

Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

Emissions & Measurement Management & Mitigation

GHG Nitrogen Gas Losses Comparing Bulking Agents for Composting Separated Hog Solids

Ammonia and GHG Surface Measurements from Beef Bedded Manure Packs

Reducing Gas Emissions from Manure Application in Semi-Arid Regions

Monoslope Beef Barns

Particulate Matter Adjacent to Cattle Deep-Bedded Monoslope Facilites

Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Surface Measurements from Beef Bedded Manure Packs

Manure Management and Temperature Impacts on Gas Concentrations in Monoslope Cattle Facilites



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