Anne Mims Adrian, Auburn University

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Anne Adrian

Anne is an eXtension Associate Director and the New Programs Leader for with the Military Families Learning Network. She is housed at Auburn University and has worked for Cooperative Extension in Alabama for more than 25 years. Anne works with others in Cooperative Extension to find the best ways to connect, build relationships, collaborate, and share online. Her work spans across several online communities, land grant universities, USDA, and Department of Defense.

She is often asked to speak about working differently as educators. She focuses on openly sharing our learning and our content and connecting with others, particularly those who are not in Cooperative Extension's normal sphere.

She was instrumental in developing the Network Literacy Community of Practice. This CoP received the Outstanding Community of Practice at the 2012 National eXtension Conference.

Prior to her work with the military families initiative, Anne helped lead the Information Technology Unit for Auburn University College of Agriculture and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Anne has two degrees in agriculture economics and a PhD in management.

Contact Information

Anne Mims Adrian, PhD
Military Families Learning Network
60 Extension Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849

Twitter aafromaa
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