How to Contact a Goat or Sheep Veterinarian

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If at all possible, you should establish a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship with a local veterinarian. It’s recommended that the veterinarian visit your farm at least once a year to do a herd-wellness evaluation. This allows the veterinarian to know your herd’s management system and health needs. Such a relationship enables the veterinarian to respond quickly to emergency situations and allows the two of you to resolve minor health questions over the phone or e-mail ( Tips for working with your veterinarian ).

However, small ruminant (goat or sheep) veterinarians can be difficult to locate in some areas. The American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners maintains a directory of small ruminant veterinarians "" (click on Find a Vet). This list only includes veterinarians who are members of the association. Another way to locate small ruminant veterinarians is to contact your local or state Cooperative Extension Service or "" (State Veterinary Medical Association office). You can also get recommendations from nearby goat and sheep producers or regional goat-producer associations.

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