DNA Testing in Goats

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With the growing popularity of genomic evaluations and the importance of documenting accurate pedigrees, the use of DNA testing is growing in most livestock and breed associations, including goats. However, limited information is available on gene markers in goats, and very few genes have been identified to be related to production traits in dairy, fiber, or meat goats at this time. Researchers are working on identifying the goat genome, as has been done in other species.

In addition to genomic evaluation, DNA testing is used to document parentage and breed identification. This is a growing issue, and many associations are starting to require DNA samples to verify parentage and breed linkage. Below is a list of laboratories that offer DNA testing for goats; this is not intended to be a complete list. Costs may vary. Check with your breed association — if DNA testing is required, a specific laboratory to use will probably be indicated. 

DNA testing labs:

American Dairy Goat Association

American Kiko Goat Association DNA Services

UC Davis

Pedigree International

Biogenetic Services, Inc.



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