Emily Hoover, University of Minnesota

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Dr. Emily Hoover is currently the Head of the Department of Horticultural Sciences, overseeing diverse research, extension, and teaching programs.  Additionally she teaches courses in fruit production and teaching pedegogy. Her research has focused primarily on evaluation of winter hardiness and winter protection/adaptation to enhance profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of fruit cropping systems.

Contact Information

305A Alderman Hall
University of Minnesota
1970 Folwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

email:  hoover@umn.edu


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Apple Rootstocks

  • All about understanding and choosing the right rootstock

Apple Cultivars

  • Characteristics, descriptions, and how to choose the best to grow and eat

Establishing an Apple Orchard

  • Buying and planting trees

Managing Apple Trees and Orchards

  • Insects, diseases, wildlife and other challenges

Propagating Apple Rootstocks and Trees

  • Grafting, budding, tissue culture, and all about how rootstocks are developed

Regional Resources

  • Links to apple information specific to your area


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