Reportable Animal Diseases

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What is a reportable disease; why should I care?

A reportable animal disease is one that, by law, must be reported to state and/or federal animal or public health officials. Reporting helps identify disease outbreaks, limit their spread and minimize the economic and health impacts on animals and people. Veterinarians, producers, farm or ranch employees, laboratory personnel, truckers or shippers, slaughterhouse workers and animal facility employees are all required to report should they suspect one of these diseases. Evidence or suspicion of bioterrorism should also be reported immediately.

The World Organization for Animal Health (Office Internationale des Epizooties or OIE) creates and manages the list of internationally reportable diseases of livestock, poultry and aquatic animal species. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) maintains its own list of reportable diseases, which includes the OIE list and other diseases of interest to the United States. Diseases that are not known to exist in the United States are called exotic or Foreign Animal Diseases and are reportable. In addition, individual states may require reporting of additional diseases not on the list of federally reportable diseases.

What should I do if I suspect a reportable disease?

Suspicions of a reportable disease should be reported to your veterinarian, or a state or federal veterinarian. Evidence or suspicion of bioterrorism should also be reported immediately.

Where Are reportable diseases found?

Reportable diseases can be found worldwide, including the United States and Canada. 

Can reportable diseases affect humans?

Some reportable diseases are zoonotic diseases, meaning that they can be transmitted from animals to people.

What are the signs of reportable diseases; can they be treated?

There are many reportable diseases, so naturally there are many different signs and varying degrees of treatment.

The USDA maintains a list of federally reportable diseases of cattle, small ruminants, horses, pigs, poultry, and aquatic species. The most current published list can be found on the National Animal Health Reporting System site ( 

An easy-to-view and downloadable list of the national reportable diseases is available here.

Diseases may be added to this list at any time. Individual states may require additional diseases to be reported. To find the reportable diseases list for your state, please search here.

Reportable diseases include 

To see a list of reportable diseases of specific animals, please use the following links:

How can reportable diseases be prevented?

Since there are many different reportable diseases, there are many different specific ways to prevent these diseases. However, you should always follow common biosecurity guidelines.

Where can I find more information?

More information is available on the USDA APHIS website

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