Rachel Brauner

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Rachel Brauner is the Program Coordinator for the Wounded Warrior Program – a military project within Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Rachel is responsible for developing and coordinating efforts to enhance educational programming for military family caregivers and their wounded service members. She works closely with military professionals across the nation in assessing caregiver needs and providing the necessary education and resources to alleviate the stress that comes with caring for wounded, ill, or injured service members.

Since joining the Wounded Warrior Program in 2011, Rachel has strived to provide quality educational information to military caregivers concerning specific medical conditions, coping and resiliency strategies, and working with seriously wounded services members. In just a short time, she became responsible for the development of the Caregiving 101 handbook, a variety of fact sheets, a caregiving video series, and additional educational materials that are available within Soldier and Family Assistance Centers (SFAC) across the nation. She has also helped launch a Military Family Caregiving presence within eXtension Family Caregiving’s Community of Practice and the Military Families Learning Network’s sites.

Rachel earned a B.S. in Communication and Journalism and an M.Ag. in International Development from Texas A&M University.


Contact Information

Rachel Brauner, M.Ag.
Program Coordinator | Wounded Warrior Program
Military Program
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

3100 State Hwy 47, Bldg. 4431, Rm 220 | P.O. Box 2150 | Bryan, TX 77806
p: (979) 845-1553 | f: (979) 862-2940 | rbrauner@ag.tamu.edu
Web: http://agrilife.org/military  | LinkedIn: rbrauner

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