Julie Smith

Agricultural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery July 31, 2013 Print Friendly and PDF

Julie Smith, DVM, PhD

Julie Smith's Extension programs focus on biosecurity and preventive animal health management. She is currently working on an interdisciplinary project to better prepare farms and communities to implement biosecurity plans in the face of a highly contagious disease emergency. She is Vermont’s Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) Point of contact (POC) and currently serves as chair of the Agrosecurity Program Area Work Group. As a member of the EDEN eXtension CoP, Julie focuses on agrosecurity and biosecurity content. Julie graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences, a DVM, and a PhD in Animal Nutrition from Cornell University. She has held the position of Extension Dairy Specialist since 2002.

Contact information

Julie Smith, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor
Extension Dairy Specialist
Department of Animal Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
University of Vermont



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