Citizen Science for Extension Master Gardeners

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Citizen Scientist making observations
Citizen science, also known as public participation in scientific research, allows participants to learn about and participate in real-world research projects. Citizen science programs also help scientists and researchers to expand their data collection through the engagement of volunteers in many locations. Many types of citizen science programs are available and, depending on their interests, volunteers can easily find some way to be involved with a scientific research program.  


Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) are uniquely positioned to be citizen scientists because they possess many of the qualities of a great scientist. Aside from already being volunteers, EMGs have an attention to detail, a love of the outdoors, journal or record-keeping skills, and a curiosity about science. Data they collect can benefit local, national, and international science programs. Citizen science programs may also meet many of the requirements for the Master Gardener program, including earning education and outreach hours as well as tracking scientific information that can be useful to local Extension Agents. 

Extension Master Gardeners may become involved or help others learn about the following programs through these websites:

Look for lots of other ideas on the Citizen Science Central website!

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