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Planning is an important part of program evaluation. Proper planning efforts include outlining the purpose of the evaluation and specifying end-users of the results. Selecting indicators is also part of the planning process and logic models and other evaluation planning tools are used to facilitate mapping out intended program outcomes. Evaluation design decisions are made during the planning process. Data collection methods and procedures are recorded. Good planning activities also involve making project timelines, a list of task responsibilities, and an evaluation budget.

Top Frequently Asked Questions for Planning

What general considerations are important in developing evaluation questions?

What is a program evaluation purpose statement?

How can I use US Census and other existing data to evaluate program outcomes?

How do I evaluate collaborative efforts?

When is hiring an outside evaluator recommended?  

What is a goal and what is an objective?  

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What are the steps in planning and conducting an evaluation?  

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What is program logic?  

When should you plan an evaluation?  

What is an outcome?  

What are the components of an Extension program logic model?  

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Do I have to evaluate every Extension program I conduct?  

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What is the difference between short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes?  

What is an input?

What is an output?  

What is the difference between program inputs and program outcomes?  

What are some key evaluation terms?  

What are some keys to successful program evaluation?  

How do you develop the questions for a program evaluation?  

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How is program planning related to program evaluation?  

How is evaluation different from research?  

What is program evaluation?

Do I need to get Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to collect evaluation data?  

What is a summative evaluation?


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