Webinar: Can we talk? Improving weed management communication between organic farmers and Extension

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About the Webinar

Understanding how farmers make decisions, not just what decisions they make, can improve our communication with farmers and our ability to provide relevant information that builds upon their existing knowledge, perceptions, and values. Sarah Zwickle and Marleen Riemens will discuss their research on organic farmers’ weed management beliefs, perceptions and behaviors, and how it can contribute to our research and extension efforts with organic farmers. This webinar was recorded on November 13, 2012.

Slides from the webinar as a pdf handout


About the Presenters

Sarah Zwickle is a research assistant in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at the Ohio State University. Her master’s research on the weed management decision-making process of organic farmers has served as the foundation for the extension and outreach efforts of the OREI project “Mental Models and Participatory Research to Redesign Extension Programming for Organic Weed Management”.

Marleen Riemens is a weed scientist at the Netherlands’ Wageningen University & Research Centre. For the past few years, her research has extended its scope to include the relationship between weed pressure on organic farms and organic farmers’ weed management behaviors and beliefs.

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