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Webcast Series

Looking Ahead to the October 19 Webcast: "Pathogens-From Farm to Public Risk"

Join us October 19, 2012 at 2:30 (eastern) for an exciting webcast on pathogens. The movement of bacteria and viruses from AFOs, municipal waste water, septic systems, and wildlife continues to complicate water quality throughout the country and world. Though much has been learned in recent years, misconceptions and unknown areas still abound. This webinar will cover the latest trends in microbial source tracking efforts, fate and transport of bacteria in the environment, and quantitative microbial risk assessment. Flyer...

Speakers: John Brooks, USDA ARS; Terry Gentry, Texas A&M; Carl Bolster, USDA ARS.

Future Topics

November-The Four R's of Nutrient Management (November 30)
December-Biofilters for Air Quality
January-managing risk when spreading manure in winter
February- Waste to Worth Preview
March-the webcast will go on spring break
April-LIVE from Waste to Worth!
If you have a topic and/or a speaker to suggest, send your idea to leslie.johnson@unl.edu.

The abstract submission deadline for Waste to Worth has been extended until November 16, 2012 for oral presentations. Posters will be accepted until the hall is filled.

What's Going On In the LPELC?

Waste to Worth

Waste to Worth. Do not forget to submit your abstracts for the "Waste to Worth: Spreading Science and Solutions" conference.  Conference Website  | Submit an Abstract | More...

National Resources

Research Network, AgSTAR Conference, ASABE Conference, Animal Science Challenges, State Program Highlights

Research Network. The USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS) has established a long-term agro-ecosystem research network. The network includes several watersheds and range research sites and will cooperate with other agency ecological research networks in other long-term, large-scale research and technology transfer. More...

AgSTAR Conference. The call for abstracts is out for the 7th annual National AgSTAR conference focused on anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery. Submission instructions and conference links are on the LPELC calendar of events. The conference will be held in June, 2013. More...

ASABE Conference. The call for papers for the 2013 ASABE Annual International Meeting is open. Those interested in submitting an abstract for a technical or poster presentation can submit at   http://asabe2013.abstractcentral.com (Submission deadline is November 30, 2012). The meeting will be held July 21-24, 2013 - Kansas City, Missouri.

Animal Science Challenges. The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) released a series of research priorities related to the challenges that will be faced by those involved in animal agriculture. The challenges focus around animal health, climate change, food safety, global food security, and animal well-being. More...

State Program Highlights

  • Pennsylvania: Penn State Extension offers recommendations for fall manure application--with a strong emphasis on cover crops. More...
  • Iowa: The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University has released four new videos about practices that can remove nitrates from water. These include tile drainage controls, forested buffers, bioreactors, and working wetlands. More...
  • Minnesota: The University of Minnesota has improved and updated their manure management and air quality website. More...

Have a state project or program you would like to see in this section? Email the details to jheemstra@unl.edu.

Hot Topics

Monensin & Foaming, Manure & Mines, Wisconsin Energy, Safety First!, Copper & Soils

Monensin & Foaming. The University of Minnesota has released a fact sheet on the use of Monensin in swine manure deep pits to reduce foaming. This perplexing issue has been found in many swine deep pits throughout the Midwest and the exact cause remains unclear. This foaming has led to flash fires and barn explosions. This fact sheet details the research findings on a potential way to reduce foaming. More...

Manure & Mines. The USDA Agricultural Research Service has studies the effectiveness of manure compost to revegetate soils damaged decades earlier by mining operations. In addition to making the soils more friendly to plant establishment, the manure compost also lowered the availability of lead and zinc by ~90%. This reduced availability has the potential to reduce runoff of these into water bodies. More...

Wisconsin Energy. A new biomass study says there is enough dairy manure in Wisconsin to replace a coal power plant in terms of energy potential. More...

Safety First! A recent event in Pennsylvania where two young boys were overcome by manure gases (both recovered) while playing near an outdoor pit during agitation highlights the need to remain vigilant during manure application season. More... And an explosion in a Canadian pig barn reminds us that methane in confined spaces can be flammable. University of Minnesota manure foaming website | Related LPELC article: Manure Storage Safety

Copper & Soils. Copper sulfate footbaths on dairy farms help prevent footrot in cows. However, when the wastewater from these footbaths is included in irrigation water, copper can build up to potentially toxic levels for plants. How much copper is too much? Until recently, farmers did not have a good answer to that question. USDA Agriculture Research Service research has provided some guidelines on soil copper levels and their potential impacts on different plants. More...

Events & Announcements

National Poultry Waste Symposium. Started in 1988, the National Poultry Waste Management Symposium brings technology, research, and outreach together. The conference will be held in Shreveport, LA on October 23-25, 2012. More...

Vermiculture Conference. The 13th Annual NCSU Vermiculture Conference will be held November 5-6, 2012 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. More...

Brazil Symposium. International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management. March 12-14 in Sao Pedro, Brazil. Paper submissions are due by September 28, 2012. More...

Have your state/regional/national event added to our calendar of events. Send them to Jill at jheemstra@unl.edu

Manure In the News

A look at animal agriculture and manure in the news, serious, funny or controversial. Inclusion here does not constitute LPELC endorsement. In other words, we don't create this stuff, we just link to it.

"Poultry pollution trial begins in Maryland, group says trial could set precedent". Washington Post | Baltimore Sun Keep an eye on this trial. One of the very important items to be argued is whether the farmer is responsible for the manure or the integrator. 


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