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Feeding children is sometimes hectic and it is not realistic to think that caregivers will have a measuring cup in hand when mealtimes begin.  So what are easy ways to help get portion sizes right?  The research tells us that the amount adults and kids serve can be influenced by visual cues at the table, including the size of dishware and the amount of food in serving dishes.  Studies show that people serve and eat more when using larger plates and bowls. 


Click the video link below to learn more about how we can be influenced by size when feeding children.

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Summing it up:  Small tummies need small food portions.  Remember these easy ways to help children have healthy portion sizes (without having to measure each spoonful!):

  • Use smaller bowls, plates, cups and utensils when serving and eating.
  • Encourage small first portions.  This keeps appetites in check and prevents plate waste.
  • Encourage children to serve themselves.
  • Allow second servings if children are still hungry.
  • Don’t insist that children finish all of the food on their plates.

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