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Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape November 10, 2014 Print Friendly and PDF

Basic Water Facts

Why Conserve Water?
Misconceptions about Water Conserving Landscapes
What is a Drought?
What is Water Conservation?
The Water Cycle (students K-6)

Landscape Sustainability

Diversity Encourages Landscape Sustainability
Water Conservation in the Landscape
Drought Impacts on Landscape Plant Survival
Green Roofs as Water Wise Landscapes
Types of Green Roofs
Water-Wise Stewards
Climate Impacts on Water Conservation

What is a Water Conserving Landscape?

Cultural Expectations About Water Conserving Landscapes
Misconceptions about Water Conserving Landscapes
Seven Principles of Water-Wise Landscaping: Xeriscapes
Tips for Creating a Water Conserving Landscape
Tips for Creating a Water Conserving Landscape: Existing Landscapes
Traditional Contemporary versus Water Conserving Landscapes
What Does a Water Conserving Landscape Look Like


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