Where can I find a questionnaire to evaluate an activity/program just like mine?

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Three types of answers:

  1. IF you are conducting a standardized or evidence-based program with a valid and reliable evaluation tool, USE IT! (In youth risk/enrichment, see SAMHSA Model Programs, etc.)
  2. IF you are leading a program with educational goals that match a well-tested (valid and reliable) tool used with a similar audience, USE IT! (In youth informal science, see PEAR, etc.)
  3. IF your program is not exactly like any you have seen, ADAPT an existing instrument to fit your goals and audience (e.g., Don’t use a tool that doesn’t fit your needs!)
  4. IF none of these options work, write your own or seek out help from someone who can help you write it.

You can also find ideas by reading journal articles dealing with your subject matter or evaluation topic, since authors will mention surveys used.  You can also see sample surveys for community, youth, and family topics at www.CYFERnet.org.


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