Caregiving 101

Family Caregiving February 14, 2014 Print Friendly and PDF

Are you new to military caregiving? Many military families are caring for wounded service members who have experienced significant changes resulting from loss of limbs, posttraumatic stress disorder, vision or hearing impairment, traumatic brain injury, severe burns, or spinal cord injury. The following articles offer caregivers an array of information ranging from what occurs when they first receive the call that their loved one has been injured to the emotional aspects of caregiving.

If you are struggling to understand this new role in your life, there is hope. 

Once You Get the Call!

Caregiving 101

Am I a Caregiver?

Caregiving Leaving You Feeling Blue?

Support for Caregivers

Assisted Living Facilities

Understanding Respite Care for Military Family Caregivers

What Military Caregivers Need to Know about Assistive Technologies

Matching Wounded Warriors with Assistive Technology

Helping Military Family Caregivers, Part I: Recognizing Their Similarities and Differences

Helping Military Family Caregivers, Part II: Recognizing Their Challenges


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